The A B Cs of Healing

The A B Cs of Healing

A Practical Guide to Receiving Your Healing        

A A CCEPT ALL OF THE ATONEMENT. Not only did Jesus bare "our sins in his own body on the tree"1 and freely give us his righteousness2, but he also "took our infirmitiesand bore our sicknesses"3 and freely gave us his “perfect soundness”4.  Healing of sickness was deposited in your account the same moment forgiveness of sin was. The Bible says God "forgives all your iniquities and heals all your diseases"5.   Just as “where sin abounded, grace did much more abound”6 - so also, where sickness abounds, God's healing power does much more abound. This was true in the four Gospels 7.  It’s just as true today. A person seeking healing from Christ, whether then or now, is like a thirsty man with an empty cup approaching a mighty waterfall. Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection are infinitely more than enough to procure complete forgiveness for your soul and complete healing for your body (and more). Do you accept ALL of Christ’s atonement? 

B   B ELIEVE YOUR BIBLE more than your body.  When learning to hit a baseball it’s natural to look more at the bat you’re holding than at the ball coming at you. We’re told over and over, “Keep your eye on the ball !!!” (and off your bat). We strain our little minds to believe this will work. But when we finally fasten our focus on the ball and forget about our bat – SMACK! - the ball and bat CONNECT.  Think of your Bible as the ball  and your body as the bat .  Though your body feels sick or pained, your Bible says, "…with his [Jesus’] stripes we ARE healed"8  and “…by whose stripes you WERE healed1.   (The tenses are present and past, NOT future). The slashes and bruises Christ willingly suffered in his body were sufficient to absorb all your ailments, and have already provided all the healing you'll ever need for your body. BELIEVEyour Bible when it says that this healing  already  belongs to you. FOCUS your attention past your body’s temporary feelings, and onto God’s eternal truths (the scriptures above).  Be like Abraham, to whom God promised a son in his old age when his wife, then 90, had always been barren. “And being not weak in faith, he CONSIDERED NOT HIS OWN BODY now [as good as] dead, when he was about a hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sara's womb:  He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God.”9   In the same way,  CONSIDER not your own body, but consider God’s infallible truths.  Don't stare at things as they seem to you. Stare at things as God says they are. "We walk by faith, not by sight"10.  Doubt says, "What I experience IS truth". Faith says, with Jesus, "Thy [God’s] Word IS truth"11.   DECIDE NOW to consider God's Word more reliable than your own body.   As  you continue to fasten your focus on your Bible's truth regardless of your body's condition, your Bible and your body  "connect" like a ball and bat, and  supernatural changes begin.

C   C ONFESS with your mouth God’s truth.  Confessing God’s truth out loud with your mouth was an important part of your salvation (Romans 10:9,10). It’s also an important part of your healing. God commands, “Let the weak SAY , ‘I am strong’ .12   So say it! Don’t just say how your body  feels. SAY, out loud , what God says you now are.  “Because of Jesus I am strong”. “By his stripes I am healed8.  (One very effective ministry* encourages those prayed for to say out loud, "This healing belongs to me because of what Jesus has done.") Say what God says you are, out loud . Say itoften through the day.  God "Calls those things which be not as though they were"13. and He commands you, as a follower of him, to do the same.  “Death and life are in the power of the tongue”14  As you speak God’s truth, listen carefully to what you are saying. Understand each word as you hear yourself say it. “Faith comes by hearing”.15  Confessing God’s truth (rather than yourfeelings) out loud, thoughtfully and deliberately, will fasten your attention on the “ball” rather than the “bat”. Confess, “Complete forgiveness and complete healing now belong to me because of what Jesus finished on the cross.”

D   D O what you would do if you were healthy. Jesus often healed people by simply commanding them to do something they could normally do if they were healthy. "Take up your bed and walk."16   "Stretch out your hand."17   “Show yourselves to the priests.”18 Attempt to do something your sickness was preventing you from doing. Be sensible. Start with something very small. Rest when you need to, but keep at it until you succeed. Then go on to the next thing. Whether it takes minutes or months, progress steadily, thanking Jesus for every bit of progress. Gradually resume your normal activities, and serve others in need. One thing Jesus always wants you to  DOis to praise God for your healing, BEFOREyou feel healed. This is something you normally would do once you feel healthy again, but do it now.  PRAISE him out loud for suffering the stripes and wounds  by which, God said, you ARE healed. Praising God for what he says he’s done,   before  you see the answer with your natural eyes, will both express and establish your faith in his word.

E E xpect your complete recovery with certainty, whether it comes step by step or all at once. As you go through this whole process, be sure to 'expect’, not just 'hope'  or ‘wish’. There is a world of difference between hoping and expecting. Earnest expectation means intense anticipation. When someone invites you over for your favorite meal, you think about it at times through the day. You may remember the smells and can almost taste it. When you’re expecting a reunion with a loved one, you daydream about seeing their face again and holding them in your arms. Your imagination plays a very natural and very important part in any honest expectation. If you are sincerely expecting God’s healing, you can’t help but imagine what it will be like when you’re back to normal. You’ll daydream about once again doing the things you enjoyed with the people you love. You’ll anticipate and prepare for fulfilling your responsibilities without the physical hindrances of your sickness or injury. If you can’t even picture yourself healed, you’re only hoping for healing, not believing what God’s Word says about healing.

 We are often reluctant to expect something because we fear the sting of disappointment. (If we don’t sincerely expect something, we won’t be so let down if it doesn’t happen.) But expectation is an indispensable ingredient of faith.  True expectation scoffs at disappointment rather than scoffing at God’s Word, knowing that God “has magnified his word above all his name”19, that the scriptures are inspired, inerrant and eternal20, and that it is “impossible for God to lie”.21

F F AITH is a choice, not a feeling. Faith is simply a choice we make between two or more conflicting statements. We ourselves decide and choose which statements we’ll accept as truth and which statements we’ll reject as false. With your mind, consciously decide to accept God’s Word as absolute, eternal truth. And consciously decide to reject as false any statements, thoughts, fears or feelings that contradict what God has declared in his Word (Rom. 3:4). Again, confession, or deliberately speaking that choice out loud, helps to transform it from simply an intellectual decision to a heart held conviction, a living faith. At least daily, declare out loud, “I choose to receive and embrace as truth what God says, ‘By his stripes I was healed’. I choose to renounce and reject as false what my own body, or other voices tell me, ‘I’m sick, I’m weak, or I’m disabled.’ Bless the Lord, O my soul, who forgives all my iniquities, who heals all my diseases[or injuries] – who his own self bore my sins in his own body on the tree - who himself took my infirmities and bore my diseases – by whose stripes I was healed.”  Amen; So be it!


Are you aware of any unconfessed sin in your life? Simply confess it to God and forsake it. 22  Has there been anyone, recently or in the past, who has hurt you or disappointed you, who you have not completely forgiven? Decide now to forgive them as Christ forgave you. 23 Forgiveness (as faith) is not a feeling, it is a decision.

Go through these ABCs as often as you need to until your healing becomes manifested in your body. Praise the Lord all the way through!


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